Family insurance in the statutory health insurance (pensioners, students, spouses are covered by family insurance)

Co-insure the family in the statutory health insurance the essentials in brief Statutory health insurance can, under certain conditions, co-insure their children and their spouse or registered partner free of charge. This is a great advantage of the statutory health insurance (GKV) compared to the private health insurance (PKV), where each family member needs a

What is a Health Insurance

  Health insurance is an insurance policy that allows you to have more health coverage than that guaranteed by public services. In fact, it is usually a cover that guarantees prevention, diagnosis, treatment and treatment services for conditions and diseases even in hospitals and private clinics, where services generally have much higher costs than a

Know the differences between Health Insurance

You want to protect yourself against accidents and / or illnesses, but do not you know what insurance to buy? In Mexico, almost 19 million adults have insurance, 27% have medical expenses and 14.4% have personal accident insurance. * If you are not a beneficiary of any public health institution, it is advisable that you

Voluntary Health Insurance

What is the contribution in voluntary health insurance? Whether employed or not, it is decided how the contribution is calculated for a voluntarily insured person. Basically, it amounts to 14.6 percent plus additional contribution of the respective health insurance and plus the contribution to the statutory long-term care insurance. It is never used more than