Family insurance in the statutory health insurance (pensioners, students, spouses are covered by family insurance)

Co-insure the family in the statutory health insurance

Co-insure the family in the statutory health insurance

the essentials in brief

  • Statutory health insurance can, under certain conditions, co-insure their children and their spouse or registered partner free of charge.
  • This is a great advantage of the statutory health insurance (GKV) compared to the private health insurance (PKV), where each family member needs a separate contract.
  • A co-insurance of the partner is only possible if he does not earn more than 445 euros or a mini-job not more than 450 euros. He may not be an official, not self-employed full-time and not privately insured.
  • Children up to the age of 23 can be insured free of charge with family insurance if they are not yet working for themselves. If you are in education or vocational training, the age limit is 25.

So go ahead

  • Check that all conditions for family insurance are met. For example, children can not be co-insured if a spouse or registered partner is privately insured and earns more than € 5,062.50 gross per month in 2019.
  • Apply to your health insurance company for a free family insurance.
  • The health insurance checks regularly whether you continue to have the right to family insurance.
  • Some statutory health insurance companies offer additional services for families. If the scope of your cash register no longer fits, you can switch.

The statutory health insurance (SHI) is particularly favorable for many families, because children, even step and foster children, are covered for free. Spouses and registered partners are also insured without any contribution under certain conditions. The same applies to a grandchild who lives with you and is cared for by you. With a contribution, the entire family may be covered by statutory health insurance.

What are the requirements for a family insurance?

What are the requirements for a family insurance?

Compared to the private health insurance (PKV), even a child’s statutory family insurance can be significantly cheaper. Because in private health insurance every family member needs their own contract, so the child costs extra.

Statutory co-insured family members, on the other hand, receive the full benefits of the fund, with the exception of sickness benefits. According to the GKV-Spitzenverband, more than 16 million family members were co-insured in August 2017.

In order for you to be able to insure your family members free of charge, the following criteria must apply:

  1. The family member must live in Germany.
  2. The family member can not be self-insured and earn more than 445 euros per month. If it has a mini-job, the limit is 450 euros per month.
  3. The family member may not be insured, for example, as a well-paid employee or official.
  4. The family member may not be self-employed full-time. This is at least the case when it uses more than 18 hours a week for self-employment.

If the child, spouse or partner does not meet one of these points, co-insurance is excluded: he must or will remain a member of health insurance. The family insurance always backs up its own insurance obligation.

For example, if someone becomes unemployed and receives unemployment benefits (ALG I), he / she is compulsorily insured and can not be covered by the family insurance. Spouses and life partners who were not insured under the GKV at the beginning of the maternity leave can not be co-insured as well. The same applies to the protection period after confinement and the beginning of parental leave.

How do I apply for family insurance?

How do I apply for family insurance?

You must apply for a free co-insurance of family members with the health insurance. The applications can be found on the website of your fund. There you have to give details of the previous insurance, the income and the children and provide further data. The GKV-Spitzenverband has developed a uniform questionnaire (family insurance reporting procedure, Annex 1).

In this case, the spouse or life partner must be indicated. The term life partner refers exclusively to registered same-sex partnerships, not to marriage-like communities. Family insurance for a partner in a marriage-like community is generally not possible.

The health insurance funds regularly check whether the requirements for family insurance are still met. To do this, they use a comprehensive questionnaire, which you must complete (family insurance registration procedure, Annex 2).

If both parents are employed and insurable, you can decide yourself by whom the children should be covered by the insurance. It is irrelevant whether the children are insured with the legally insured mother or father. The amount of income is not crucial. Please note that a simultaneous family insurance is not allowed at different health insurance companies.

Compare health insurance

Compare health insurance

The general contribution rate in the SHI remains at 14.6 percent as of January 1, 2019. At the same time, the coffers raise an additional contribution. This varies depending on the box office of different levels, also differ the additional benefits of the funds. How to find the best health insurance for you, we have put together in our guide GKV for you.

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