Know the differences between Health Insurance

Know the differences between health insurance

You want to protect yourself against accidents and / or illnesses, but do not you know what insurance to buy? In Mexico, almost 19 million adults have insurance, 27% have medical expenses and 14.4% have personal accident insurance. *

If you are not a beneficiary of any public health institution, it is advisable that you take out insurance that covers your expenses in the event of an accident or illness, since anyone is at risk of suffering an accident that puts your health at risk.

Currently, in the market there are three types of insurance, which give you peace and well-being by economically preventing any risk that threatens your health. Do not get confused! It is important to know how to distinguish them. Remember that it is always cheaper to be insured, than to face a contingency without any protection, pay close attention:

1. Medical Expenses Insurance:

1. Medical Expenses Insurance:

As its name indicates, in case you suffer an accident or illness, the insurer covers the hospital and medical expenses, in exchange for a premium (insurance cost). The services offered by this insurance are:

  • Medical care
  • Surgical interventions
  • Hospital expenses
  • Food and medications for the patient
  • Clinical analysis
  • X rays, etc.

Take into account that this insurance only covers illnesses or accidents that require hospitalization and that, in addition, such services must be stipulated in the policy.

In addition, it is recommended that you have no doubts and understand everything that is stipulated in your policy, so below we will present some concepts that will help you to have more tools when choosing this product.

  • Deductible is a non-refundable fixed amount that you must cover when the illness or accident occurs, so that the insurer can provide you with the stipulated services. Mind you, the total medical expenses must be greater than this amount.
  • Coinsurance is a percentage that is applied to the total amount of expenses incurred, resulting from an accident or illness, once the deductible has been deducted.
  • Exclusions, is everything that insurance does not cover you.
  • Pre-existing , are those diseases or conditions that were declared or diagnosed, before the insurance contract and start date of the policy. It is of the utmost importance that if you have any condition, you should inform the insurer or insurance agent, otherwise you may have problems.

2. Health Insurance:

2. Health Insurance:

Although it is believed that it is equal to medical expenses, its difference lies in the fact that this insurance focuses on preserving and maintaining health, and does so through programs of prevention, consultation and treatment of diseases.

In general this insurance covers medical consultations (either general or with specialists), clinical examinations, X-rays, preventive reviews and in some cases, the medication for the treatment.

3. Personal Accident Insurance:

3. Personal Accident Insurance:

In case of an accident, this insurance covers the injuries that require medical attention, as well as the death caused by it (within 90 days after the accident). Among its main coverages are: accidental death, organic losses and medical expenses.

No more pretexts

Of 84% of Mexican adults who stopped having insurance, 28% did it because they considered it very expensive. * If you are one of those who think in this way, we invite you to know the Standardized Basic Insurance.

These insurances were created with the objective that the population has greater access to cheaper products, in addition, they are easy to compare and their contracts are simpler to adapt to all types of pockets.

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